Designing, constructing, maintaining and servicing a swimming pool is not an easy feat. It is best to leave this in the hands of pool professionals to give the best and most appropriate care for your swimming pool.

Among the services,  we handle designing of swimming pools, construction of swimming pools, swimming pool repair, maintenance of swimming pool, renovation of swimming pool and refurbishment of swimming pool.

The four major kinds of pool services we provide for you are:-

  • Designing of swimming pool
  • Swimming Pool Builder and Contractor
  • Swimming Pool Maintenance, Service and Repair
  • Swimming Pool Mechanical and Electrical Works (M & E)​

Your pool may be showing signs of age. Maybe the tile and coping is coming loose. Maybe you’re interested in updating to today’s tile and coping styles. Maybe you would like the pool to be shallower and add new concrete, stone or brick decking. If  you’re looking to bring your pool back to that beautiful luster it once had, the Skypeak pool renovation and restoration experts at Singapore can help. We can even redesign your backyard to fit the lifestyle you now live. You’ll know you’re getting quality and reliability that you can count on from an established and professional pool restoration company like ours.




Common Types of Pool Damage and Wear like worn or torn pool liner, cracks in a concrete pool Warped or cracked diving board, malfunctioning pool filter, pool heater & pool pump, loose pool tile or coping. These are just some of the signs you may need a pool repair company. A good rule of thumb is “When in doubt, check it out.” If any part of your swimming pool shows signs of wear or damage, ask a professional pool repair expert for an estimate. 

Some projects, like Skypeak Maintenance Services Pte Ltd, can range from a simple patch to replacing your pool liner completely. Other common pool repairs include replacing a swimming pool liner, fixing broken pool tile, replacing or repairing a pool heater, replacing or repairing a pool filter, replacing or repairing a pool pump and oncrete pool repair. From fiberglass pool repair to vinyl liner repair, we’re here to help.


The idea of having a pool in your own backyard will always be incredibly glamourous. It’s easy to give into daydreams of hosting weekend parties, adopting an invigorated fitness routine that includes laps after work and spending long afternoons lounging poolside while cultivating the perfect tan. But, in those daydreams, one crucial element of pool ownership is often forgotten "The Maintenance". Without a proper maintenance routine, your pool could succumb to a variety of less than luxurious conditions – cloudy water, broken filters, and algae build up, just to name a few and no one wants to lay by a pool that’s seen better days.

The Pool maintenance can be broken down into 5 steps, that is Balance, Chlorine, Shock, Algaecide and Skim, Brush and Sweep. The general maintenance & tips as below: 

  1. Importance of a Balanced Pool
  2. Opening Your Pool
  3. Closing Your Pool
  4. Vacuuming Your Pool
  5. Tile Maintenance: Avoiding Scale Buildup
  6. Cleaning the Skimmer and Pump Basket
  7. Checking Your Equipment Pad
  8. Cleaning the Deck
  9. Pool Water Level
  10. Understanding Pressure Gauges
  11. Replacing Cracked Skimmer Lids/Covers
  12. Filter Maintenance

Maintaining your pool can be a tedious job, but it's an important part of keeping your pool sparkling clean and safe for years of enjoyment. If you don't have time to maintain your pool, please feel free to contact our team at +65-8168 5713 to take care for you.


 (Services With A HEART)

Skypeak Maintenance Services Pte Ltd works with commercial and residential pool and water feature systems. Our mission is to provide the best swimming pool construction, pool leak detection & repair, swimming pool maintenance, swimming pool renovation and refurbishment, swimming pool waterproofing works and related services with your pool needs in Singapore.

Throughout our many years of experience servicing commercial and residential property services in Singapore, we've learned that many systems have very specific needs. Because of this, we've developed service and pool maintenance plans that are designed to cater to these unique demands.

When you work with Skypeak Maintenance Services Pte Ltd , you will work one on one with an expert service technician. We will learn exactly what your needs are, whether it is pool maintenance, a re-build, or a totally new system and will provide you with the best solution. We believe that no job is too small and pride ourselves in our ability to stay within our clients' budgets and deliver our services in a timely manner.